Trump's Next Battle : Politicization of Coronavirus

Rachel D. Herring

09 mars, 2020

As hysteria circling the novel Coronavirus increases outside of China, the left-leaning media and elected Democrats are further politicizing the potential pandemic. We can see in four major areas how the Democrats are sabotaging the president's efforts to mitigate the epidemic. Do they really care more about partisan politics than the health of the American people? They are the self-proclaimed party of health care after all. With the following examples, I am sure that they are using it to their advantage. 

If you exclusively watch mainstream media, you might think that The Trump administration has done nothing so far concerning Coronavirus, and he does not care. In fact, Trump put in place a Coronavirus task force in late January. He chose Vice President Mike Pence as the leader of the task force. The White House coronavirus response coordinator is the State Department’s global AIDS director Dr. Deborah L. Birx. A former army colonel was nominated to her post by Barack Obama in 2014. Among the other members of the committee are former drug executives, AIDS experts, scientists, and physicians. The Trump administration did not politicize the task force, so the democrats took it into their own hands. The biggest medical laboratories in the country are banding together to make available over 500,000 tests to state labs around the country, which was a request from President Trump. All of these tests will be available today, Monday, March 9th. That is a very quick reaction that will help to prevent contamination of people who might carry the virus and have no idea. 

When we hear Nancy Pelosi scheming to add FISA Reform to a Coronavirus bill, we are brought to realize how little she cares for her constituents. The democrats in congress said that Trump had done nothing to react to prevent an outbreak in America. They were first unhappy with $2.5 billion in emergency spending. Trump quickly reacted, adding funding to the emergency bill, which they finally passed. Following that, adding the FISA reform rider to the bill proves that Pelosi did not care at all about the money, but rather to cause another political rift with the republicans and President Trump. In brief, Nancy Pelosi and her band of partisan supporters care more about destroying Trump and catering to the country that actually makes them rich than the health of their constituents. 

Trump has stated that he is willing to stop all border crossing to prevent the spread. As soon as he made this suggestion, he stated that “the virus doesn’t respect borders”. Following this, Sen. Warren immediately introduced a bill that would take funding from border wall construction to coronavirus spending. Democrats in the media have declared the actions xenophobic and racist. Under these circumstances, his actions are neither xenophobic nor racist. They will help to control the spread not only in the United States but also in Mexico. 

The Democrats will use the stock market fluctuations as a dig at the president to discredit his economy. This is becoming a huge campaign tool for the Democrats going forward. Most people with a basic understanding of world economics know that the virus has the potential to cause disruptions in the supply chain, and that is why the markets are fluctuating. Day-to-day markets are not the best measure of America’s economy. In America, the best way to monitor the health of the economy is through unemployment rates and job loss and creation. America has one of the most volatile workforces, in particular its ability to bounce back after a crisis or pandemic. For example, here are two maps of job loss and creation directly after the start of the 2009 Swine Flu “pandemic”, which was declared by the World Health Organisation. We can see that the jobs are very reactive in a very short time between a total crisis and recovery. This will be used by all candidates running against Trump this year, but using jobs rather than the stock market to analyze the US economy is the best argument to counter it. 

February 2009

Notice the changes in between both maps. (Note that the Feb 2009 map is very agitated due to the subprime crisis.)

 October 2010

The Democrats and left-wing media were incapable of acting with self-control in the case of the politicization of the Novel Coronavirus. The virus does not stop at our borders. The United States is an ocean away on both sides from where the virus originated. It will take a careful plan to curb an outbreak in America. I believe that Trump can handle it. It is time to stop the political games and let the president do his job. 

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