The Subversive COVID 19 Economic War Waged by the Chinese Communist Party

Randy Yaloz

22 avril, 2020

The Chinese government has waged a subversive war of propaganda, disinformation, and obstruction in respect to the origin, spread, and consequences of the coronavirus to reap the secondary economic and geopolitical benefits by the largely amplified havoc it caused across the globe. Irrespective of the fact that the COVID 19 virus may have escaped from the Level 4 Wuhan microbiology laboratory negligently or otherwise or may have been part of a secret biological program, China’s responsibility in its worldwide spread is evident.

At the outset of the outbreak in China, doctors were prohibited from reporting any cases that showed the first symptoms of the virus. Late December, when the Chinese doctor Wenliang Li gave the alert on this unknown virus, the Chinese police forced him and seven other doctors to sign a letter withdrawing their statement. Strangely, Dr. Li, at 34 years of age and in good health, died in early February. Many others like him who released information on the virus have disappeared in China.
In December and January, the World Health Organization (WHO) and Chinese authorities continued to allege that the transmission of the virus between humans was not established. At the same time, the WHO trumpeted China’s containment and sanitary measures in its reaction to COVID 19 and even criticized countries like Australia that sought closing borders with China.
The Chinese authorities have not only lied about the number of coronavirus cases and deaths but have also censored all information relating to the epidemic. The government even ordered that only the Communist Party could communicate on COVID 19. On March 19th, the Chinese government declared that over 21 million cell phones and 840,000 landline accounts were canceled or closed after the coronavirus. Every Chinese citizen is required to use a cell phone to associate it with the identity of the user and generate a health code to control movement throughout the territory. Several hundred thousand and even millions of deaths at home and other institutions due to COVID 19 across China remain unaccounted for and will never be reported. This information suggests China’s further downplaying and masquerading of the high scale COVID 19 death toll across the country. As part of China’s disinformation campaign and subversive activity, Chinese agents secretly disseminated alarming false messages using cell phone pop-ups and social media feeds in the USA on the danger of the virus and Trump’s ordering of a national lockdown to trigger chaos and panic amongst Americans and to create further mounting pressure on State and local governments leading to the shutdown of the economy.
With the planet unprepared and misinformed, the virus has spread worldwide havoc of unprecedented magnitude. Human and economic losses are colossal and estimated in amounts reached during wartime periods. Economic recovery may take years and even a decade for most of the countries.
China’s economic infrastructure is intact. The country is on the rebound, with its propaganda machine churning at full speed, spreading the good word of its generosity and superiority in the management of the COVID 19 epidemic while the planet’s economy is at a standstill and China is producing and supplying the world with all the medical material and essential needs.
The Chinese government has struck a severe blow to the planet’s economy and health systems and by doing so, it has weakened the major world powers’ geopolitical, economic, and military capabilities. Trump, Johnson, Macron, and other leaders have already voiced their concern and suggested that China’s responsibility may be at issue in the worldwide COVID 19 epidemic. In law and equity, the party causing the damages must be held liable for the losses sustained. Who can and should compensate the victims for these damages?  China must pay in whole or in part for this criminal misconduct.
The American people and other countries of the world have the right to know the truth about the virus and China’s implication in exacerbating devastation across the planet. China has the capacity and means to offer and pay compensation. The next question is how and when this can be done. Only a joint and multilateral front and response by the planet’s richest and strongest nations (USA, Europe, Russia, Japan, India, Canada, South Korea, and others) can pressure China to come to the negotiating table.
This new phase of the economic war has just begun. China’s totalitarian regime has won round one! America’s deep-rooted democracy is standing strong and will prevail. President Trump and the American people are ready to fight the next nine rounds. We are confident other leaders around the world are equally determined to stand up and join the fight for this just cause for the good of their people.

Randy Yaloz, Esq.

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