US or Chinese Hegemony: Make the Choice Between the Better of Two Evils for Europe

Randy Yaloz

04 mai, 2020

Underlying the worldwide COVID 19 epidemic is the race for global economic, geopolitical and military domination between Communist China’s totalitarian regime and America’s liberal democracy.
Many high-profile European leaders, journalists, academics and trendsetters place China and America on equal footing in their quest for worldwide geopolitical and economic leadership, but more often than not publicly express the harshest of criticism against the USA for its so-called imperialistic policies and chronic consumerism.  As the home to ancient Confucian culture, China is rich in history and seen admirably as the future Eldorado and the land of opportunity. It fought for centuries to achieve freedom against the European and Japanese colonial powers. Yet Europe’s intelligentsia curiously remains amnesic to China’s sole obsession to preserve and protect the Communist Party at any cost.
Historically, Mao’s Chinese revolutionaries achieved independence and unity on a national level for its dominant Hunan population, but its minorities and political dissidents faced mass persecution, poverty and death. Even today, millions of Uighur refugees are imprisoned, enclosed in secret gulags and herded into reeducation and other camps.
To attain a greater economic foothold in the 21st century, China’s Communist Party has always sought to become a leader in the pharmaceutical and other high-tech sectors using unorthodox and illegal methods to gain expertise and procure sophisticated material, equipment and infrastructure like the recently publicized incidents of Chinese researchers stealing viral and other microbiological samples from U.S. and Canadian labs.
France’s and Europe’s Costly Miscalculations in Favor of China:
The construction of China’s sole level 4 laboratory in Wuhan is the perfect example of France’s miscalculated long-term industrial property and technology sharing projects and policies. As soon as the French government and scientific community had heavily invested in and provided the necessary know-how, expertise, industrial and technological support to their Chinese scientific counterparts for the building of the Wuhan lab, the Chinese authorities suspended all cooperation and proceeded with construction of the site under the auspices of the country’s military. This disastrous affair was quickly silenced. France painfully realized the futility of any effort to seek relief against the Chinese government or its state-sponsored companies. This event sadly highlights once again the successes of China’s spoliation efforts enabling the Communist regime to achieve immediate and equivalent technological supremacy at little or no cost, rival with the West’s pharmaceutical industry and further its biological warfare capabilities.
It appears that the French government unknowingly sacrificed its pharmaceutical industry’s long-term technical superiority and competitive advantage in the hope to gain favor among China’s ruling class to procure some short-term economic benefit for France’s high-speed TGV train and Airbus industries. Irrespective of whether, in economic terms, the price to pay was or is justifiable for France, the decision had unforeseeable and devastating ramifications leading to the planet’s worst sanitary, economic and human crisis in modern times. Strong and compelling evidence shows the current epidemic was very likely caused by China’s poor management of its highly dangerous Level 4 Wuhan laboratory, its negligent accidental release of the coronavirus and its continuous disinformation on COVID 19’s origin, propagation and mortality level.
Why should liberal democracies always triumph over totalitarian regimes in times of worldwide environmental and sanitary crisis?
Today, like the Chernobyl nuclear accident in the ex-USSR, the Chinese Communist Party has silenced its scientific community, blacked out all information on the coronavirus and denied all responsibility using its state run propaganda machine to disseminate the good word of its exemplary handling of COVID 19 epidemic across social media and press at home and abroad.
To further the Chinese government’s propaganda in Europe, Spain’s and Italy’s leaders even continue, like many African nations under the economic stranglehold of China’s highly controversial investment and assistance program, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), to express unwarranted admiration for the regime that amplified the COVID havoc locally and across the globe. 
Likewise, mainstream European media has shown insufficient interest on China’s stealing and spoliation and, in turn, allowed the Chinese government’s disinformation masking these illegal activities to gain a greater foothold across social media and internet. In February 2020, the Communist Party’s nationalization of 3M’s local factory manufacturing N95 face masks went mostly unnoticed in Europe’s press. Chinese authorities expropriate foreign investors and display total disregard for U.S. private property and investment made by 3M in China that created thousands of local jobs. At issue in part are the prospects for legal and judicial recourse.
If criminal charges are filed and monumental monetary damages estimated in several trillion U.S. dollars are sought against China’s leaders and state-run companies and institutions responsible for the coronavirus crisis, they will most certainly block all discovery and truth-finding procedures and investigations, escape liability and never stand trial to face penal and civil prosecution.
As the mass unemployed, bankrupt business owners and mourners throughout the world shed tears over the immense human and financial losses, no form of retribution will ever be obtained from China. Its regime and economy will come out stronger and brighter in the eyes of its people who, blinded by the Communist Party’s COVID 19 disinformation or their fear of persecution, will neither know the truth nor show remorse for the dead and impoverished abroad. A strong sense of impunity and injustice will be felt against China across the planet for generations to come.
Had the same COVID 19 incident occurred in a Level 4 laboratory in the USA, the victims from around the world would have immediately commenced criminal and civil lawsuits in the U.S. courts and sought discovery and prosecution. The parties found guilty would face sentencing in criminal proceedings and pay compensation in civil suits.  Moreover, the planet’s major insurance companies would cover the insured claims for damages caused by the large U.S. corporations.
Like the ex-USSR, China’s regime proudly stands, in the midst of the planetary COVID pandemic, behind its modern-day iron curtain decorated in W.H.O. wall designs displaying misleading and false messages to promote legitimacy and praise for a government engaged in unprecedented stealing of the world’s intellectual property that impoverish the West’s high-tech industries and spread unemployment.
In comparison, any aggrieved foreigner and American can seek and obtain relief before the U.S. courts. America offers hope, fairness and equity in a system of law and order where justice prevails for all free people and businesses alike.
Until Europe’s powers reorient their strategic economic priorities and their core industries efficiently relocate back home, which choice should triumph between the better of two evils for the good of your people in this transitional phase?
In times of grief, loss and uncertainty, life is challenging for you and your kin in our democracies. Making choices to preserve and protect your individual rights, liberties and property must remain an utmost priority. America’s democratic values and tenets shall continue to outshine China’s totalitarianism and illusory vision of a better world in today’s liberalized global economy.

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