The Empire of Cancel Culture Strikes Back !

Randy Yaloz

07 avril, 2021

Cancel Culture is back and stronger than ever.
A few weeks ago, Warner Bros’s “Pepé le Pew” just learned that his days are up with Looney Tunes and the famous basketball player “Lebron James” for the new motion picture Space Jam: A New Legacy. That stinks!
You may wonder how, with his long rap sheet, “Pepé” could have “added to rape culture” as described by fervent supporters of Pepe’s censorship. We ask the same question !

Do they go too far ?
The Cancel Culture Empire even sentenced the legendary Dr. Seuss, to permanent exile for the spread of alleged “offensive imagery that supposedly propels racist stereotypes against Black and Asian communities”.

Our French citizens thought they would be spared by the Cancel Culture ?
A New York Times journalist qualified Napoleon Bonaparte as a “white supremacist” and the “greatest tyran”.
Cancel Culture wants to erase and demean France’s history and cultural heritage taking monumental figures out of their historical context. Napoleon is one of the greatest military leaders and the founder of the Civil Code. Napoleon and George Washington are both on the same pedestal.Today, Pepé le Pew, Dr. Seuss, the Emperor Napoleon and maybe tomorrow, they will come after you or us !

Beware of the Cancel Culture! We are living in dark times, but the force is with us in order to defend our values, heritage, individual liberties and free speech. Republicans Overseas France will battle on against the Cancel Culture tsunami.

By: Randy Yaloz, Esq. Date: April 6, 2021
President of Republicans Overseas France Contact:

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