Summary of Alexandre Mendel’s Conference on April 13, 2021

Randy Yaloz

22 avril, 2021

On April 13, 2021, we welcomed Mr. Alexandre Mendel, a French journalist, working with the magazine Valeurs Actuelles and author of the book: “Chez Trump: 245 jours et 28 000 miles dans cette Amérique que les medias ignorent” published in 2020.
The main topic was: “The Future of Trump’s policy”.
To tackle the subject, Mr. Mendel treated three themes:
1) Donald Trump’s Come Back; 2) Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy and its Future; 3) The Adverse Effects of the Cancel Culture in America.
1) Alexandre Mendel started by asking two questions: Can we actually separate Trump from Trumpism? Can anyone else but Trump embody his ideas?
Mr. Mendel did not think so. He reminded us that Trump supporters only want Trump and only Trump can embody his ideas due to the fact that these ideas are new for the Grand Old Party (Sovereignty, immigration policy...). Mr Mendel also said that no one abroad including, Mrs. le Pen in France can incarnate Trump; “Mrs. Le Pen is a leftist!”
With respect to his role in American politics, the author strongly believed that Donald Trump will be strongly engaged in the 2022 mid-term elections and will act as an arbitrator within the GOP.
2)RegardingTrump’sforeignpolicyanditsfuture,AlexandreMendelwasfocusedonChinaandurgedboththeUnited States and France to act firmly on China with respect to the Covid 19 outbreak and compensation. He also regretted the lack of engagement by the Biden administration on China policy. Further, the ideological decisions made by Joe Biden on immigration policy by repealing Donald Trump’s earlier policy will cause upheaval on the southern border of the United States. Mr. Mendel doesn’t want America to turn into a “France” in terms of immigration policy and social welfare.
3) Mr. Mendel asserted that in terms of the nefast effects of Cancel Culture, the situation is worse off in the United States than in France. He believes American universities are under Marxist attack!
Furthermore, he reminded us that Cancel Culture is on its way to France! As an illustration, the French leftist student union, UNEF, promoted “meetings prohibited for white people”, as both our President, Randy Yaloz, and Alexandre Mendel said.
Republicans Overseas France expresses its special thanks to Mr. Mendel and will continue to fight for a free and open debate on controversial subjects.

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