China's Bioweapon Program and the Wuhan Lab Origin of the Covid-19 Virus

Randy Yaloz

09 juin, 2021

On condition of anonymity, sources from the U.S. Intelligence Community tell Media RedState in an article published on June 4th that one of the highest-ranking Chinese defectors has reportedly worked for three months with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). These sources affirm that the defector had direct knowledge of China’s bioweapon program. It also appears that the DIA kept this defector’s existence a secret from other agencies such as FBI and CIA. Certain sources indicate that DIA believes there are Chinese spies within these agencies. This intelligence report confirms tweets from a former Fox News reporter Adam Housley who wrote that U.S. intelligence believes China is trying to produce variants on the origins of Covid-19 to make people believe it’s from bats, not a lab. It shows that President Trump was right, and that the Coronavirus could have been created in the Wuhan lab. Mainstream media, the high-tech giants, and the Democrats, including Mr. Biden, severely criticized and censored President Trump and called it another conspiracy theory. For radical left propagandists, the truth depends upon your political agenda!
Republicans Overseas France will keep on fighting for free speech and against censorship to discover the truth about Covid-19’s origin.

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