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17 juin, 2021

RNC CHAIRWOMAN RONNA MCDANIEL: The border is in crisis. And I think every American looks at what is happening with a 200% increase in people coming through, 14,000 children were unaccompanied last month, Harris. I can't even imagine the atrocities they are facing along with the sweltering heat and coming unaccompanied. An 800% increase of fentanyl coming across our Texas border. We know we have an overdose problem in this country and our border is porous. Kamala Harris is sending a clear message. She doesn't care. She doesn't want to hear it. She doesn't care. She is not calling Governor Abbott. She knows she is in charge. And this is an issue she has just decided to turn a blind eye to and people are suffering as a result.
FAULKNER: You know what is interesting you say she knows she is in charge, but does anybody else? I mean, I don't know if you caught Bill Melugin was just talking, he was talking with people on the ground who were coming across illegally and they didn't know that the Vice President had said don't come. I know from our own reporters she didn't spend any time in country when she was in Guatemala. I mean, Bryan Llenas was there longer for Fox than she was on the ground. So people aren't getting that message. Your last quick thoughts on this.
CHAIRWOMAN MCDANIEL: Well, she went in 2018 when she wanted to get a photo op and President Trump was in charge. President Trump solved the border crisis. She is now in charge of it. It is a catastrophe and she owns it. And I talked to Governor Abbott, I did a podcast. It is at GOP.com. Governor Abbott said to me she hasn’t called him, neither has President Biden. They talk about bipartisanship. Wouldn't you call the Governor of a border state to say
how can we help and how can we hear about these issues?

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