US and China: Trump Making America Greater

Randy Yaloz

06 septembre, 2019

In a historical move, Trump has taken on a challenging economic and political posture to reduce the trade deficit with China, to protect U.S. intellectual property interests and to establish a fairer trade balance between the United States and China.
Fears of recessions and stock market plunging have ignited sparks and warnings across the global economy.
Advocates favor Trump’s firm stance as a key factor in reestablishing U.S. economic and geo-political dominance, while opponents claim Trump’s position will simply weaken US markets and industries.
Indicators show Trump’s move should have favorable overall effects on the US economy. 
Naturally, the benefits will surely outweigh the disadvantages as Trump tends to find a more level playing field with China over the short term.
A long trade war could cripple both economies.
As a keen negotiator and politician. Trump will maneuver his way through these obstacles and adopt a strategy that should put America on the path of greater prosperity over the next one or two decades as President Reagan did, despite criticism, in his days.
A powerful visionary is often unliked and contested during his reign and only revered many years later once the upcoming generation has tasted the fruits of success.
A great America will be even greater and more resilient in the years to come.
The American people have entrusted their future in current leadership.
Trump has no intention in disappointing them.

By: Randy Yaloz, Treasurer of Republicans Overseas France

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