Joe Biden is Dividing America!

Randy Yaloz

03 septembre, 2022

On September 1st, Joe Biden delivered a shocking and unprecedented speech in Philadelphia, stigmatizing Republicans, Trump and MAGA supporters and calling them "extremists" and a "threat to the Republic". These insulting remarks towards the 74 million patriotic Americans who voted for Donald Trump in 2020 exemplifies Biden’s lack of vision for the country and targeting of his political enemies at any price. His policies will bring chaos and America to its knees. Hysteria is overtaking Joe Biden and the Democrats in the run-up to the midterms. The Democrats fail to propose a viable roadmap for the grim future of America. Never in U.S. history has a President ever attacked his fellow citizens with such violent rhetoric. Our President must unite and not divide the American people.  Joe Biden has apparently chosen partisan interests over the best interest of the nation. The Democrats did not learn their lesson. On the 2016 campaign trail, Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump's supporters "deplorables." The contempt and verbal abuse we Republicans have been shown will strengthen and unite us further. Donald Trump was a great President for nearly half of America who voted in his favor in 2020. Republicans Overseas France will keep on fighting to ensure that Republicans, Trump and MAGA supporters are treated with respect and requests that President Biden make a statement withdrawing those earlier insutling remarks. Make a Difference and Vote in the Upcoming Elections.

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