Biden's Hidden Immigration Agenda

Randy Yaloz

26 septembre, 2022

A Daily Wire journalist recently discovered data on the explosion of illegal immigrants' flights to border cities across America as the Covid-19 outbreak crippled the nation. Based on the information, it appears the Biden administration chartered flights to transfer illegal migrants in border towns into our country. While the number of passengers boarding flights to smaller
border U.S airports in Brownsville, McAllen, Harlingen and Laredo rose in 2019 from 978,000 to 1,1 10,000 people in 2021 most of America's airports lost passengers. Our liberal Congressional and White-House leaders refuse to fund the hiring of thousands of desperately needed U.S immigration border agents and turn a blind eye on the unprecedented Southern open border crisis. These un-American policies illustrate how President Biden and the Democrats are, at any price, committed to overflooding our cites with today's illegal immigrants and tomorrow's naturalized citizens, provoking a demographic tidal wave across the nation and changing the end-game of future U.S Elections for decades to come. Like President Trump, Republicans Overseas France will continue to support Americans first, fight for secure and safe borders
and be tough on immigration. logether, we will Make America Great Again.

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