Clinton's and Obama's Mud-Slinging Anti-American Rhetoric!

Randy Yaloz

29 septembre, 2022

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former President Obama renew their violent attacks on our fellow Republicans. At the September 20th Clinton Global Initiative, Mrs. Clinton criticized President Trump about his September 17th Youngtown, Ohio rally and compared him to "Hitler" and his supporters to "Nazis", while Mr.Obama voiced similar harsh criticism about the Republican Party at the recent Attitude Conference in San Diego and suggested that the GOP's immigration and border security push stems from racism. On September 2nd President Biden's remarks in Philadelphia also sparked the same anger, calling GOP and MAGA supporters "extremists" and a "threat for our RepublicĀ». These disparaging statements demean our political institutions and defame the over 75 million Americans who voted for President Trump in 2020. This dangerous and toxic rhetoric
spearheaded by the Democratic Party's elite highlights their inherent lack of vision and leadership and how they are incapable of offering viable real-world solutions to help the American people. Biden, Obama and Clinton are out of touch with their constituents. Polls predict a record low voter turnout for the Democrats' candidates at the November mid-term elections. Americans deserve a better future. A red wave is coming! Go register and vote on November 8. You can make the difference. Republicans Overseas France stands by and fights for its fellow Americans who must all be treated with respect.

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