As A Conservative and Patriotic Wave Hits Europe and Top Democrats Wine and Dine with Rich Donors on Posh Parisian Rooftops, Real America Turns its Attention to the Midterms

Randy Yaloz

16 octobre, 2022

After Sweden’s far-right’s recent surprise success at the ballot box, Italy’s talented Giorgia Meloni brought a new conservative coalition into power! On September 25th, Fratelli d'Italia won the Italian general elections with 26% of the votes, outperforming Italy’s center-left Democratic Party (with 18% of the suffrage). Giorgia Meloni has become the new president of the Italian Council and will govern with her allies, the Forza Italia and Lega parties, respectively led by Silvio Berlusconi and Matteo Salvini. As expected, mainstream media and the politically correct attack the new president for defending her hardline policies, shamefully calling her a "fascist". Meloni is a conservative, fights for traditional values like the family and upholds the foundations of the Italian nation. This trend toward traditional and patriotic political parties illustrates the deep dissatisfaction and distress with which “We The People” are living across our great democracies in Europe and the USA. People are saying “No” to the elitist left’s woke, progressive and globalist agenda and seeking an alternative. For example, out of touch with record inflation, gas prices and high crime impacting American families daily, the DCCC Chairman Sean Patrick Maloney and California’s Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff who spearheaded the theatrical impeachment efforts against Trump and the politicized and discredited January 6th commission were both wining, dining and “officially” campaigning last week in posh and luxurious rooftop penthouses in Paris, France with rich donors to muster up the waning and lackluster support plaguing the Democrats across America. Patriotic and committed to meet the people’s needs, the Republican Party offers Americans change and real-world solutions. In recent debates, GOP candidates have been outperforming their radical left adversaries shamed by Biden’s failing track record. Polls show the Democrats are ailing and Biden’s devastating policies are further distancing Democratic and Independent voters. We will take back the reigns of our country in November to serve the better good of all Americans. Republicans Overseas France congratulates Mrs. Meloni, wishes her success and will fight to bring the American people’s voice back to Capitol Hill.

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