Anti-Semitic Fever at Berkeley!

Randy Yaloz

26 octobre, 2022

Has antisemitism become rampant at the "prestigious" University of California? A recent New York Post article slammed Berkley for a ban adopted by a pro-Palestinian student group, barring pro-Israel speakers from events. This bylaw states that "organizations will not invite speakers that have expressed interest and continue to hold views, host, sponsor or promote events in support of Zionism, the apartheid state of Israel and the occupation of Palestine." Even this ban prevents the school's Jewish dean from speaking. As writer Kenneth Marcus rightly wrote in a column for the Jewish News Syndicate, "Berkeley is creating no-go zones for Jews." This phenomenon is not an isolated event as the mainstream media and leftist politicians downplay its significance. Antisemitism has increased dramatically in recent years across the United States. The Radical Left supports extreme Palestinian militants using antisemitic propaganda and violence against Jewish and Israeli civilians. At best, top Democrats turn a blind eye, which can be interpreted as a sign of tolerance and acquiescence from the Woke elitists, dividing America. Republicans Overseas France calls for the exclusion of these students from campus and will relentlessly fight wherever it is found. At the November mid-term elections, the American people will say "No" to the "Woke Culture" propagating extremism and plaguing our educational institutions.

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