2023 New Year's Message

Randy Yaloz

21 janvier, 2023

So long as we desire the betterment of our nation,
We can do without happiness: We expect to achieve it.
If happiness fails to come in due time, hope persists and maintains the flame, and It drives the passion that lights the path to a greater destiny. its institutions and the American people will preserve our Republic for the years to come.
We are a proud and patriotic nation, Founded on the pillars of a free yet imperfect democracy.
For nearly 250 years, in the stormiest of times, Our parents, grandparents, great grandparents and their grandparents never lost hope in our great country.
If generations of Americans kept the faith for over two centuries, we too have a moral duty to keep the flame of hope burning.
Hope is the light that keeps obscurity a bay. Thus, for the new year, one message: HOPE.
May God Bless You, Your Loved Ones & America and Together, We Will Keep on Making America Great.
Randy Yaloz Esq.

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